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Fresh Looking Makeup Under the Summer Sun

Summer brings a lot of fun and pleasure, but for many women, it also means messy and melting makeup which can ruin a perfect summer day. Once summer officially comes in, changes in makeup choices and style should be one of your top considerations. If you used to do smoky cat eye make ups, you have to rethink about it and turn your attention to light, simple and comfortable wear similar to the comfort of wearing your old jeans and flip-flops. During summer, heat and humidity are a great challenge. There are many ways and tips to help you come up with fresh and pretty looking makeup even when the weather seems to be working against you. Top on the list is to use lighter makeup colors and applying makeup sparingly. Just as you opt for more breezy apparel such as linen dresses and skirts, go for lighter shades and apply less makeup for a matte and fresh looking face. Use tinted moisturizers instead of your usual foundation. They look and feel lighter on your skin and are less likely to cak

Sweet Celebration at Home

Today is the birthday of a friend of mine. We have been invited for a dinner in their house. My kids are so excited as they get to play with friends there. I have been looking for a nice birthday gift to give but I wasn't able to find time. I guess I will just bring some cakes. Giving cakes and sweets are always sweet and nice. Guess what, I have found a really nice gift to give but I don't know if this is available in the nearby shop, but I am still single and wants to surprise my sweetheart, I would recommend a sweet treats for your boyfriends anniversary .

Shopping for School Shoes

I am almost done with my shopping for school essentials. I bought the black school shoes for the 3 kids and 1 rubber shoes for my little princess. I just need to buy 2 rubber shoes for my two boys but no hurry, they can still use their old pair. I browsed through online shops like Zalora website and fancy some really nice and branded shoes. Its quite expensive though but there are brands as well that fit my budget. Problem is that Zalora doesn't ship the items fast as stipulated in their website. I bought a blouse for myself last Sunday and one week has passed and the item is still not with me.

Why Rent Out Textbooks?

Not many students know about renting textbooks from online renting sites. This is actually a new idea that clicked and is continuously growing in popularity. Different challenges faced with the changes in the educational system as well as economic situations placed a lot of students on a meager allowance. Given this fact, renting textbooks had become a hit among college students who wants to study well despite their limited budget. Cost Effective Face it, you really don’t need to buy all those textbooks mentioned in school. Books for non-major subjects are better off rented as it saves you money for more expensive stuff or books for your major subject. By renting, you can save at least 50% of the standard selling price of each book. With a little research you can easily find a textbook rental website where you can rent the books you need. Time Savings In most cases, many students lack the time to scour bookstores and online book stores for their much needed textbooks. With online textb

Where To Find Cheap Wedding Dresses

Planning for you big day but working on a limited budget? Knowing where to find budget needs is the secret for your wedding day success. You can easily personalize and work on decorations, invitations and others with your labor of love. You can also look for cheap but fashionable and classy looking wedding dresses that falls below $100! Off the rack wedding dresses and designer entourage are very expensive, but there are also special places that you can check out for inexpensive wedding dresses. Here’s a short list of places to look into for budget dresses: Bridal Stores – these places have sales from time to time and you can get pricey gowns for much less. That dress you’ve been wanting for a long time might even be on sale tis time. Department Stores – if you think outside the box and simply head for department stores and the mall, you can find the perfect wedding dress for you at a much lesser price. These may not be traditional wedding dresses and will only look like white eleg

Unique and Fabulous Reading Glasses

If you reach for a pair of reader glasses several times throughout the day you want a pair that looks great and is made of high quality materials. Reading glasses are important for reducing eye strain and fatigue so you should invest in a pair that will provide you with the service you demand. There’s no reason to purchase anything less than a quality pair of glasses that will accent your face with stylish good looks. Look for glasses that are constructed with the best materials available at an affordable price. At MelissaEyewear we design our own styles and then use optical grade glass and frames that provide you with the best vision possible. Our high standards of construction mean you can have an optician put your own prescription lenses into our frames. Our readings come in many styles so you can find a pair that is your best accessory. Retro cat eye frames, classic squares and the ever-popular oval are just a few of the frame shapes we offer. Fabulous colors, rhinestones and temp

Coach Purse Giveaway - Free Blogger Sign Up

Bloggers: Are you ready for the next Madame Deals FREE Event?? We are giving away a Coach Purse and Matching Wallet! Would you like to be one of the bloggers participating and promoting this event on your site?? Here are the Details: (READ ALL BEFORE SIGNING UP) 1.) You need to put up a post on your site advertising for other bloggers to join. 2.)  You will need to grab this button and code to put it in a post and/or on your side bar. The blogger that brings in the most referral will get a space after the hosts. We will have a question on the sign up doc for who referred you. Please mention  TINA CORS sent you. <br /><br/><a href=""><img <br/>src=""<br/> alt="Madame Deals Free Events" border="0" /></a><br /><br/> 3.) Prize at stake is a Coach Purse and Wallet . 4) The Event will take Place June

May Fashion Giveaway

MAY FASHION GIVEAWAY Hosted by The Sleepless Gal Sponsored by Eazy Fashion Visit EAZY FASHION Facebook page and find great accessories online! Open in the Philippines (Free Shipping) Prizes are : (1) Sassy Girl Casual Dress (1) Tiger Prints Brown Shades (1) Emily 7 Brushes Set with Leather Pouch (1) Fluttering Butterflies Dangle Earrings (1) Magic Hair Curler Trio These items have a total worth of P1580. This May , is time for another GREAT FASHION GIVEAWAY , sponsored by Eazy Fashion ! This giveaway is open only in the Philippines Follow instructions on the Rafflecopter and Enter to win Fabulous stuffs ! Wait for the Rafflecopter to load and enter below: Please be sure that you do all the tasks . We will verify entries upon a Winner is announced. a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Customized Gift Cards

For different occasions that you send out gifts to your loved ones and friends, do you ever consider personalizing that gift card that goes with the gifts? Personalizing and customizing gift tags and cards have become quite a thing especially during the holidays, but there are certain people who wants a specific set of cards designed for them and carrying their own logo or identity. These tags can easily get the attention of your friends and easily identify which one is yours. This is also very advantageous for people who want to have their business known or promote their company through their gifts or giveaways. One the best sites to check if you’re considering customizing your gift cards is the list of customized gift cards by plastic printers.  

Moveable Closets

In today’s modern living, flexibility and style comes as some of the top considerations when choosing home furnishings. This is especially true for women who love clothes, shoes and fashion accessories. Putting yourself in Carrie Bradshaw’s place, you’d specifically need a huge closet to store everything you have. But not everyone has a prince charming that can give you a huge walk in closet and grand apartment living.  So you simply have to make do with moveable cabinets and other stuff with furniture wheels so that you can easily change your home style and setting according to your needs despite your limited space.

Online Shopping

It's quite late and yet I am still here infront of my computer just browsing through online shops and yet I cant make up my mind on what to buy. I still have some money in my PayPal account and since I need to buy a few things for my kids, I opted of doing online shopping but ended up wasting time. I browsed from eBay Philippines, eBay US, Multiply, Sulit even checking the website of Children's Place and Old Navy. But still - can't make up my mind! My son is still out watching Avengers at Festival Mall, so I guess I still have to waste more time here waiting for him to arrive. Hope I could find stuff that would interest me. I miss buying online.

Supermodel Linda Evangelista Fight For Childs Right

Supermodel Linda Evangelista dressed in court in a tailored black skirt, dark glasses and her Louboutin high heels to fight for her 5 year old child's right from his father, Francois Henri Pinault. The man behind the luxurious brands Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He is considered one of the wealthiest man in France. Forbes recently estimated his family's net worth at $13 billion. She is seeking a child support a whooping $46,000 per month including a 24 hour nanny, a driver and a bodyguard. Wow! Thats surely a handsome amount of money, even noted that it could be the most expensive child support in history. If its granted, then she can buy with a click of a finger tip some Wilmington nc homes for sale .