All About Makeup: The Posh and Professional Eyes

One of the biggest challenges that young women have to conquer is learning to choose and apply the proper makeup for the corporate environment. Having a professional and competent appearance is very important in the office, but this does not necessarily mean that you need to go for a bare-faced or make-up free face. The key to keeping it posh but professional in your make up is find neutral shades that enhances the natural beauty of your eyes.

Keeping a Workplace Safe Do

For some, a striking look in the workplace is not the way to win, but standing out is not always a bad strategy especially if you’re doing it right. Successful women are not only competitive in their work, they also have a standout appearance – whether it’s on their makeup or their choice of dress. Here are some tips to go by for keeping a look that is safe for the workplace.

  • It must be long wearing. You don’t want to keep retouching when you go from one meeting to the next.

  • Office makeup should be low-key and easy enough to be completed in few minutes. There are those who spend half an hour in the morning just putting on makeup, but even 10 minutes will be enough to complete your look if you go for simple and easily wearable styles.

  • Go for nude and neutrals that enhance and not hide your natural beauty.

  • Workplace makeup should not be distracting.

  • Your office makeup look should feel comfortable and look amazing. Stressing over your eye makeup will have you focusing less on your work.

Office Eye Makeup Products To Try

Because you need eye makeup that would last through the day, you need to find an excellent base. Some of the best choices for a primer are ELF eye shadow primer, Tarte’s and Smashbox. Your primer should not be too pasty or thick, matte makeup is best for eye wear in an office setup. Do carry a bunch of blotting papers to keep your eye makeup looking cool and composed.

Keeping a workplace safe look doesn’t have to be nude and neural all the time. There are several subtle shades of shadows that you can use to show off you beauty with simple blending tricks. Just keep off the shimmers and the glitters for the weekends or for after office affairs. Some of the safest options are bronzes, greys, taupes and browns.  Though highlighting works fine, be sure to keep things subtle and avoid strong colors especially blacks and dark blues.

Finish off your office eye makeup with a couple swipes of long lasting mascara. You wouldn’t want your mascara to give you panda or squirrel eyes when you accidentally rub them while working. Like your overall eye makeup, your mascara should also subtly enhance your gaze without being too striking or dramatic. Covergirl, L’oreal and Clinique have some of the best long wearing mascara that will go well with your workplace safe eye makeup style.


  1. I love makeup products but I really haven't worn eye makeup regularly. Actually, not even in important occasions. Haha.. Instead of taking this post as a reminder to tone the eye makeup down, your entry has become my reminder to try to wear eye makeup once in a while.. :D Thanks sis!

  2. To be able to apply make-up is something I had long wanted to do...even if I just work at home, would love to present myself well...thanks for the tips!

  3. This is what I am missing now that I am a SAHM. But thanks anyway for sharing these tips. I may just to pretend myself in an office envi with my make-up on.

  4. Sure sis, I think even if we are at home, we still should take care of ourselves.

  5. Thanks for your comment and visit, this is my mission na rin! Be beautiful kahit sa house lang

  6. I guess it time for you to take charge on your eye makeup.. :) thanks for visiting


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