4 Tips For Eyes That Stand Out

If first impressions are everything, and the first thing people look at is your eyes, than we all should really take a page out of the beauty handbook when it comes to making your peepers pop. If one doesn't take advantage of such an important part of your face, it could bring down your facial features. On the other hand, however, attractive eyes can brighten an entire face. Eyes are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, and they are also the easiest feature to accentuate. Let’s look at four easy tips to make your eyes the focal point of your visage.

Step 1: Shape Your Brows

 By all means, don’t go pluck crazy, as pencil thin eyebrows have been out ever since they came in. However, do make it a point to regularly wax or pluck stray hairs or trim longer brow hairs. Most brows have a hint of an arch in them naturally, which frames the shape of your eye, as it runs above the eye perfectly. If you are afraid to bring out this natural arch on your own, don't waiver to go to a salon and have it done professionally. Also, if you have especially light eyebrows, or if they are thinning in certain spots, eyebrow pencils work wonders. For lighter eyebrows, go with something one or two shades up from the original eyebrow color, or the darkest shade in your natural hair color. Run the pencil along the brow lightly, so as to color the hair rather than draw on the skin. As for thinning spots, use short sweeping motions lightly over the thinning areas, as to mimic the flow of your natural brow hairs.

Step 2: Frame Your Face

 A great haircut can not only frame your face, but your eyes as well. Make sure you take some time to figure out what shape your face is. Is it oval, square? How large or small is your forehead? All of these are contributing factor in finding the perfect cut for you. You can either look online for cuts to match your face, or go to a highly rated hair salon and talk to them about different ideas. Misinformed hair styles can defiantly distract from prominent features, and even bring out unpleasant contrasts. You always want a hairstyle to draw attention to the middle of the face (being the eyes) and make one look more symmetrical.

Step 3: Change it Up (Colorize)

 Try out something new with your peepers, which will boost your confidence and draw attention in new ways. If you wear glasses try contact lenses, or, even if you don't, try colored contacts to shake up the color palette of your face a bit. If you are shy with new colors, try getting colored contacts that create a dark ring around your iris. This makes the eye more intense, while not changing your original color. Play with dramatic eyeshadow hues. Or, if you are more adventurous, then try changing color all together. Have fun with it!

Step 4: Take Care

 Nothing is more beautiful than a healthy glow, so therefore, one should always treat your eyes as if they are your only ones. Because let’s face it, they kind of are. Make sure to moisturize daily, try using natural botanical eye products, as it causes less irritation and is better for your skin. Avoid rubbing, poking, or scratching the area around your eyes. This is the most sensitive part of the face, and the most prone toward redness and inflammation. Try doing at home spa care to keep your eyes perked. With these tips your eyes will make people look twice every time.

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  1. I'm thinking if I'll change my brow to look like bruhahah... heheheh :) nice post Tin.. dropping by :)

  2. Thanks for this tip mommy Tina! It is helpful for a woman like me that go the stereotype plucking thing. Ha! Maybe I will also consider the permanent penciled eyebrow in the future as it won't stress me of plucking it always. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice tips but I just don't have much time in the mirror lately yet this is great though.

  4. I have been planning for a permanent eyebrow, but never tried yet.

  5. Thanks for commenting Sheren.

  6. Bruhahah jud! For me, I have a staff who likes to shave my eyebrow.. :)


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