In Buying a Sexy Lingerie

As a woman, we always strive to wear a sexy lingerie for our partner. I have been looking for a stylish yet comfortable fit but as you may know, this type of clothing is I guess the only type that you can't fit before buying. Oh well, you know what I mean! It's simply not nice to do so!

I try to be a practical buyer especially with lingerie as a have many sexy panties and thongs that oftentimes end only in the cupboards and closets. So before you buy one, ask yourself twice!


  1. They have some very sexy, sensual lingerie, corsets, fishnets, and even some sexy heels if you would like those as well. Also whenever it is near a holiday, they have costume lingerie. Not to mention, they have great deals and plus size if needed. Hope this helps

  2. Yay! I agree!! I wanted to wear sexy lingerie during special occasions such as anniversary or valentines :)


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