Hottest Trends in Jewelry

The jewelry industry is constantly evolving and producing exquisite jewelry for us to admire and enjoy. Although gold has been around and is a classic choice, some may consider it to be out of date. For those that enjoy the look of white gold, I am excited to introduce to you the latest fashion trend in the market today. It is the newest metal in the “Precious Metals” family, next to Gold and Platinum. It is called Palladium. Palladium wedding rings for men have a pure white color like Platinum, but doesn’t have the same expensive price tag. White gold isn’t really white, but is naturally yellow in color. It is rhodium plated to give the white color, and those of us who have owned gold wedding bands know that in order to keep that white look, we have to re-plate our rings regularly. This can get expensive. Picking out your wedding rings shouldn’t be this stressful. What makes Palladium a great choice is that it is naturally white and will never fade or require you to re-plate it. This is what is hot right now in wedding rings. Palladium is the latest in fashion, it is valuable, affordable, and practical for life!


  1. I am a jewelry designer who is in the process of updating my website. When you shop online for jewelry what is most important to you? Do you want pictures of the jewelry only, or pictures of jewelry on a model so you can see how the jewelry looks on a person? Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance for your input.


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