Year of Golden Extravagance Ends with the Creation of a Solid Gold Christmas Tree!

This year, there seem to have been more and more spectacular golden creations unveiled to the world than ever before!

We’ve seen gold mobile phones worth millions with five carat diamonds, yellow diamonds worth £7.8 million and entire kitchens covered with gold leaf!

However, no one was prepared for the solid gold Christmas tree worth over £1 million.

The solid gold Christmas tree was unveiled at Tokyo’s Ginza Tanaka and was crafted by Shogo Kariyazaki. It weighs an incredible twelve kilos and is over two metres high.

Also, you’d be wrong if you thought this tree wouldn’t come with decorations too! The stunningly beautiful golden creation comes with exquisite ornaments that are made of solid gold and silver.

Not only that, but covering the tree is solid gold and silver jewellery pieces, perfect for the jewellery store window it adorns. This tree most certainly makes an impression and as we’ve said, is the latest in a long line of beautiful golden creations that have hit the headlines this year.

Who can forget the gold leaf kitchen? This is a kitchen that is covered with pure gold leaf and it is a spectacular sight indeed! At over £300,000 it is worth more than the average UK house.

It’s amazing to think that these golden artefacts are still being created in their droves when you consider how high the price of gold has been lately. Well the gold price has been rising for the last five years, making a huge leap in 2011 in particular.

This makes commissioning and designing objects like the gold leaf kitchen far pricier than it would have been even a year ago. However, rising gold prices also mean that the owners of these objects can make a tidy profit on them now.

Now we mere mortals might not be able to invest in gold artefacts or bullion in order to make a profit due to the gold market. However, we can certainly make a key difference to our finances by selling gold for cash.

Everyone’s got gold jewellery and trinkets they don’t want but can’t bear to throw away. Are you going to risk missing out on high gold prices? If you have gold in your possession that you’re waiting to sell you run the very real risk of seeing your potential scrap gold payment go down as the value of gold fluctuates.

If you sell gold for cash now you could have a very merry and profitable Christmas!


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