Shoes, Shoes Galore

After the visiting the exhibition hall in Suntec City, we roamed around Suntec and found a shoe shop with a big "Closing Sale" outside the shop. Without second thought, we entered and found 2 shoes for me and my colleague. It was just S$10.00/ Php 330.00 each. Went to the hotel happy and fulfilled. The following day, my colleague wore his sandals and to our dismay, the leather fall off. It was a catastrophy! She walked around Vivo City in barefoot trying to find a boutique that is not so pricey! In the end, we found a flip flops at S$15.00 - more expensive than the sandals we bought the other day.

I have the same sandals and will surely not wear this. Will try to bring this to Mr. Quickee maybe they can still repair this from falling off. This is really nice believe me! It's a shame that for a branded shoes, the quality is shit!

It was hard lesson. Before buying, check the quality or you'll end up walking barefoot.


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