Thermal Clothing For All

It’s hard to believe that the summer is nearly over. It always feels like just as it is beginning it suddenly and abruptly comes to an end. Soon I will have to put away my summer dresses and start wrapping up again.

I actually, for the first time, don’t mind that the colder months are fast approaching, as last winter I cracked it. It was around 12 months ago a good friend of mine introduced me to thermal clothing. I never really had thought about it before and had always just layered from the top down, rather than the bottom up.

What was so good about it was that you could continue wearing your summer clothes for longer as the thermal clothing can fit comfortably underneath to keep you warm. Once you have started using ladies thermals you’ll see what I mean, they can only be described as a game changer.

I have since been looking for the ultimate ladies thermals. At the moment my favourite are produced by Damart who have a wide range of thermals made from the most amazing material. I think they call it clever clothing or something and it really is quite special. They are made out of all types of scientific materials and subsequently find it quite hard to get my head around.

My little red dress has never known so much use but since I discovered thermal clothing/undergarments I never have to put it away. Now the only problem I have is if I will wear it out. One problem replaced with another I guess but to be honest I am not really complaining


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