Lace Camisole : A Woman's Must Have

Camisole is an undergarment that is traditionally designed and used by women as an intimate wear for covering the breasts and, usually, providing support. Now, in this era, it has evolved to be a very versatile and diverse undergarment.

Lace camisole is one of the most commonly sought-after types of camisoles. It said to be the ultimate statement in the femininity and timeless romance which explains why it is usually used for intimate moments. It comes in various styles and designs for all types of women.

For more conservative women, a stretch lace tank that extends down to the waist and offers a lot of coverage is good for you. For sporty type, a racerback lace camisole is a good choice especially if worn under a black jacket. For women with big breasts, a stretch satin with full, lined cups will look good on you. For women who want to bare a little more skin or show off their assets, I would recommend a lace, scarlet shapewear with plunging necklines, a halter lace cami with a deep neckline or a sheer sultry one.

Just like any other camis, a lace camisole can also be worn over a bra and under another piece of clothing. You can wear it underneath a tank, blouse, sweater or a jacket, etc. For camisoles with lace hems, it is nice to wear them underneath a shorter top for a layering effect. For sexier effects, you can also use your lace camis under a sheer top.

No matter what style of lace camisole you’ll be wearing or what type of woman you want to portray, just be creative and be yourself. Always believe and feel sexy because if you do, the people around you will surely think of you same way, too!


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