Fashionable Sweaters For Fall Season

Sweaters have always been part of woman’s fashion especially during that fall season. In fact, you can always find at least one sweater in any woman’s closet regardless of age. At first, it started with a plain design but, now, it comes in different designs and styles for all occasions and seasons.

Each sweater is meticulously hand-knitted by a skilled knitter from wool or sometimes combined with other material. Traditionally, they are made in more conservative designs with closed front or pull-over but, as of now, you will find them in various designs - more stylish, more colorful and more comfortable to wear.

One of the coolest and fashionable kind of womens sweaters nowadays is the Cardigan sweater. Sometimes, it has a belt which you can tie, zipper, button, or you can just leave it open. There are also, slim-fitting designs that will give you a longer and leaner line that will not bulk even when belted and won’t cling to curves as well.

Another ideal design is the sweater-vest which you can wear along with a blouse or solo. With it’s ample armholes and nice designs, you can wear them comfortably in cold outdoors and overheated indoors.

The newest trend of sweaters these days are the bolero sweaters. Since its open at the front and does not reach the waist, you can always wear it with your favorite sleeveless or short-sleeved top and even lace camisole.

A sweater is designed to keep a person warm so whatever color, style or design your sweater has, as long as you feel warm and comfortable with an addition of a little smile, you’ll surely look as good as you feel!

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  1. I'm a sucker for sweaters and I love, love that shade kindo f red-orange! I really love fall colors!

  2. sos mau pa dire naa B2B...ako wala man jud ko pansina...wahehhehe!

    love this kind of cardigan...nice color! nahan kau ko sa imo layout te...agi ko!

  3. Lamigin ako kaya i always wear sweater sometimes kahit konti hangin lang hehe.


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