Fashionable Designer Eyeglasses

Five years ago, I went to an optical clinic to have my eyes checked. After a series of test, found out that one of my eye has a deficiency thus I was advised to have a reading glass. But I find it too uncomfortable and unfashionable, but still I bought a pair but I could count in my hands how often I wore it. Less than 10 for sure, it was not the "in" thing in fashion. I was young then and fashion copy-cat. That was me five years ago.

Today however, I have noticed of a declining poor eyesight. I need to visit an ophthalmologist to have my eyes test, a thorough check this time. Its not a major issue yet, but as old adage says, "prevention is better than cure".

As I mentioned earlier, I thought it's not nice, but recently, I found a designer eyeglasses that will surely enhance my look. I have an oval face so I am looking into a classic design, oh well, for a busy mom like me, I prefer a simpler frame but still creates a versatile and stylish feminine look.


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