Being Plus-size with Fashion

Want to be the best dressed woman in the room? Give up your baggy clothes and over-sized sweatshirts, jeans and dresses and buy yourself new clothes that are snug but don’t cling over your voluptuous body. And use the art of illusion to your advantage!

Today’s line of fashion is also now available in plus sizes as well. Some designers have designed and made clothes who flatter the larger, curvy figures, clothes that are not just stylish and trendy but, also, look good in bigger curves. So who says great things don’t come in big packages? Think again!

In order to figure out the right clothes for you, you have to scrutinize yourself and know your body well. Not everything that fits you, look good on you. Once you know your body and taste, you will instantly recognize what clothes and accessories flatter you.

Learn to enhance your best features. If you have a flabby tummy and bulging waist, cover it with empire-waisted tops and dresses and avoid wearing fabrics that grip the stomach such as tube dresses and cropped tops, etc. If your best assets are your shoulders and neck, wear U-neck or V-neck shirts to give a longer and leaner frame. For women with larger breasts, the scoop-necked top is forever a sexy style since it displays your face and your cleavage beautifully and lengthens your neck at the same time.

Find ways to accentuate your body while discretely concealing your flaws. If you’re short, wear jeans whose hems fall to the ground and pair it with heeled-shoes or sandals to give the illusion of long legs. For women who have big hips, pencil skirts, wide-leg pants and tailored jackets flatter your hips. Don’t forget to cinch everything you wear—from blouses to dresses—with a wide belt.

Unleashing yourself from the fear of being a plus size woman is all about amplifying your assets. So just pump up your curves by dressing accordingly and fashionably and be seriously sexy!


  1. Good tips you have here sis. I think it's better if you can post a photo too.

  2. before it was very hard to find plus size clothes, but nowadays every mall has a section for plus size apparels :)

  3. I think unleashing yourself from the fear of being a plus size woman is all about amplifying your assets

  4. I love your tips! :)

    Btw, please Join my blog giveaway :)

  5. i find the tips here very helpful...bulging belly and poor height are mainly my main problems in buying clothes


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