Cleaning My Closet

I have been bombarded with complaints from my two nannies. My closet is so full that they find it difficult to arrange my stuff. Oh well, blame it all on me for being a budgetarian fashionista! Feeling fashionista!

Let me put it this way - I used to weigh a lot lesser than now, maybe I am third time heavier now.. (imagine the weight lol) since before, my clothes are still intact in anticipation of me losing the weight after giving birth. But the weight is still intact.

So now, finally, without much ado - I want to say - I want to clean up my closet. Dispose of tight clothes. Probably forget about me getting back to its normal shape? Waaaa..

I used to say "sayang" but now, I have a long queue of beneficiaries.. I have 3 sister-in-laws and 2 nannies.. there you see!


  1. woot woot :)) andito lang kame LOL ;))

    MAsarap mag cealn up ng closet pag nsa mood then ganda ng nmood mo to give them away...pag wala k sa mood parang feeling mo gusto mo p lahat ng mga damit kahit n nde n nga kasya or sometimes 2-3 yrs mo nlnga nde ginagamit ahahhaha :D

  2. would you mind to include my closet sis?eheheh added and followed...:-)

  3. this reminds me to clean up my junkie closet again...ehehhee...agoy, speaking of gaining weight...wala ka nag inusra te...lami man jud ikaon...wahehhehe...ang ako kay ako nalang gitago kay naa si Akesh ang beneficiary...ehehehe!

  4. I want my closet to look nice and organized but i don't want my clothes to cover up the stuff underneath them. Anything helps!! Thanks in advanced!!!


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