Buying and Shopping Online

If you are a follower of this blog, you are probably aware that I posted a lot of my online shopping experience. I love to show off my latest purchases, its prices, and the experiences that came with it. I used to be an eBay seller in 2008, I maintained an eBay store and Multiply selling fashionable and trendy clothes and accessories of all sorts from fashion jewelry, made in gold or silver and handmade, etc. It was a good sideline back then. An extra income is of course always welcome.

My suppliers are mostly from Divisoria, Baclaran and Greenhills. So every weekend, I have to roam around in these areas and just look for items to sell. With growing up kids and a full-time work, I got tired and let that passion go! Maybe because it was not really my bread and butter, it was just a sideline business.

But now, I am again looking into that direction not on the selling side, but more on the shopping! That is the recent trend now! There are several companies selling clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, bags and other stuff. I found out also that you can actually buy coffee table online. Try to check on Deals Direct as I heard that they are fast and efficient online seller.


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