Uncomfortable Black Shoes

Black is my favorite color for clothing and shoes. Of course, its the most safe and acceptable color especially in fashion. For me, its easier to match with other color. You see, I love to match bags and shoes together.

My entry for today is the shoes I bought in Surabaya, Indonesia early this year. But believe it or not, this is at rock bottom price, at least for the brand and quality. But I dare not say the brand - because for sure you will immediately say its fake or a copy brand. Probably is! Who cares? This is just to fulfill my cravings for my own collection.

Honestly, this pair of shoe has been in the shoe rack for months but I never get to wear them. Its uncomfortable and I knew it from the start! See how crazy I am?!?


mytotsexactly CIB Monday

Shopping Bag


  1. Parang ansakit nga isuot!

    Never mind the brand or price, as long as it suits you well.

  2. weet wew! sexy naman nyan shoes n yan kaso d ko keri! ;)) nweis thanks for joining sis :) hope to see you again next week :)


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