Kids Need Flipflops

My 2 boys said that they need a new flipflops. I bought one pair each about a month ago and since the brand is just generic, it doesn't last long. Although it is still usable, but the wear and tear of the flipflops is really visible.

The other day, as I was in a hurry and was in the grocery, I saw 2 pairs of black flipflops with Azkals print on it. Funny as it sounds but I bought it! The boys love to play football and have been hearing them talking about the players. And true enough, they were both happy wearing them! It was cheap huh! It was just Php 50.00 each.

I hope this weekend I could go to the mall to really buy the real stuff. It will be expensive but I know it will last long.


  1. Sad to say when you buy cheap things it doesnt last long but hindi lahat, meron din mura pero matagal masira yun nga lang if you use it seldom not everyday unless d magtatagal..

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