Buying Kids Shoes

In buying kids shoes especially for girls, there are a lot of aspects to consider before buying one.

My girl likes shoes or sandals a lot. At an early age of 2, she already likes to dress to impress. She likes wearing my high heeled stilleto sandals. She wears them while walking around the house.

Last time, when I visited the malls and a big sign of SALE is displayed, I cant help but drop and buy something for her. Most of that are shoes. But there were quite a few that she dislike. Thus she never wears it.

One of that is this :


I dont know whats in this but she hates it. She likes pink - and this is pink with orange. Then one day, she went with her lola and yaya to SM. She immediately grabbed a sandal with heels and her lola also bought it. See? She likes things for girls.. Since then, whenever I buy something for her, I always let her choose to be safe.


  1. These sandals are common shoes for kids because they are light and easy to wear. When I was a kid, I also wore this kind of shoe.

  2. Girls are really picky with their shoes. I have also noticed that girls like shoes that has heels on it. I think they are envious of the ladies wearing high heeled shoes.


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