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Colorful Shoes

Do you fancy colorful shoes? Photo not mine. I saw this while searching the net a few days ago. Pardon me but I forgot the exact URL of the photo so I cant really give credit. What do you think of this shoes?

Kids Need Flipflops

My 2 boys said that they need a new flipflops. I bought one pair each about a month ago and since the brand is just generic, it doesn't last long. Although it is still usable, but the wear and tear of the flipflops is really visible. The other day, as I was in a hurry and was in the grocery, I saw 2 pairs of black flipflops with Azkals print on it. Funny as it sounds but I bought it! The boys love to play football and have been hearing them talking about the players. And true enough, they were both happy wearing them! It was cheap huh! It was just Php 50.00 each. I hope this weekend I could go to the mall to really buy the real stuff. It will be expensive but I know it will last long.

Fashion Theme Party Giveaway

As early as now, I am already planning for my little girl's 3rd birthday party in December. My daughter is such a lover of Barbie and Princess. She adores them through the true meaning of the word. She only wears dress and panty with prints on them. She likes to dress up like a fashionista. She loves wearing my high heeled sandals and stilletos. She loves playing with my make up kit. Thats why, without much thinking, I finalized the theme for her third birthday party will be a fashion theme. Thats the sum of the things she love! Barbie, Princess, shoes, bags, makeup = fashion! Lets do the checklist: 1. Theme - Fashion theme 2. Cake - will try the cake of a fellow blogger 3. Venue - Pink Mango Restobar 4. Giveaway - fashion custom keychains like the photo shown below Do you know of any GoPromos ? I would appreciate if you could advise me so I could purchase in advance so as not so heavy on the pockets when the party comes. Thats my secret in party planning. I buy the prizes and giv

Louboutin Green High Heels

My colleague posted as a wall paper in her monitor this nice green Louboutin high heels. I simply cant stand looking at it. I told her to email me the photo so I can include in my wishlist. She is beautiful! Don't you agree? Its an eye catcher especially that I dont have green shoe / sandals in my collection yet.

Uncomfortable Black Shoes

Black is my favorite color for clothing and shoes. Of course, its the most safe and acceptable color especially in fashion. For me, its easier to match with other color. You see, I love to match bags and shoes together. My entry for today is the shoes I bought in Surabaya, Indonesia early this year. But believe it or not, this is at rock bottom price, at least for the brand and quality. But I dare not say the brand - because for sure you will immediately say its fake or a copy brand. Probably is! Who cares? This is just to fulfill my cravings for my own collection. Honestly, this pair of shoe has been in the shoe rack for months but I never get to wear them. Its uncomfortable and I knew it from the start! See how crazy I am?!?

Buying Kids Shoes

In buying kids shoes especially for girls, there are a lot of aspects to consider before buying one. My girl likes shoes or sandals a lot. At an early age of 2, she already likes to dress to impress. She likes wearing my high heeled stilleto sandals. She wears them while walking around the house. Last time, when I visited the malls and a big sign of SALE is displayed, I cant help but drop and buy something for her. Most of that are shoes. But there were quite a few that she dislike. Thus she never wears it. One of that is this : I dont know whats in this but she hates it. She likes pink - and this is pink with orange. Then one day, she went with her lola and yaya to SM. She immediately grabbed a sandal with heels and her lola also bought it. See? She likes things for girls.. Since then, whenever I buy something for her, I always let her choose to be safe. </center<