Red Hot Monday 1: Funky Sunglasses

Speaking of funky, yes, on my trip to Seoul along Insadong is this establishment with unique booths of all kinds. The idea of this building is something crafty, really a nice concept of bringing different kinds of arts, fashion, crafts, even food in one building.

One of that shop that I found interesting was this optical shop that displays these unique funky sunglasses that you can try on, pose and click away. I was one of the lucky poser.. lets start with this red and massive sunglasses and my red shawl.

how about this? Fancy one?

Or perhaps this?

This is my entry for Red Hot Mondays. For more red entry, click the badge below:


  1. hahaha. Love those sis! Ang cute!!!!

    Thanks for joining, BTW. See you around!

  2. wow! love it! very unique!

    from RHM sis..

  3. Wow I love the G clefs hahaha! :D

  4. what can i say they were all beautiful so funky!

  5. nice one! these are really cute sunglasses. good for costume parties too.

  6. pahulama ra ko anang imong mga suot Tin hehehe...cute


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