Happy Birthday Karen Chayne

Hey, are you ready to attend Karen Chayne's 28th birthday virtual celebration? This is the photo of the birthday celebrant, pretty and sexy right? I wonder what she's going to wear the red carpet..

Guess what, I just found this cute cocktail dress designed by a fellow bisdak.. do you think I am sexy?

I thought I am late, but I guess late is better than never. Anyway, I will be bringing this yummilicous sweet and sour pork from Taste Matters.



  1. sweet and sour pork are my faves:)
    you look so sexy :)

    I am joining the party and check it out here: http://www.yummywahmmy.info/virtual-birthday-party-for-kayce/

  2. Tin, sus kung tinood pa unta.. nabuntat nakog Kaon ..hahahah;) agi ko..

  3. sus! pagkasayang! bye bye oinky naman ko,,hehehe..maau ra sab nga virtual!LOL!

  4. og gwapa jud kaau atong birthday celebrant!hehehe

  5. wow kalami ba aning sweet and sour pork nimo Mommy :) and yes you look sexy sa imong cocktail dress! ganahan kaayo sa iyang style ug design ^_^

    Salamat kaayo sa greetings ug sa pag attend... I really appreciate it :)

  6. Hi Kayce, yes lami jud na kaayo.. and the cocktail dress nga ako gisul ob si Marvs ang nihimo.. :)


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