Designer Dresses For Less

Like most women, we love to wear designer dress especially from a well-known fashion designer. Who wouldn't? Its every woman's passion to explore the fashion world for others its like buying candies, for me I simply cant afford it. The hard earned money is really just enough for the household and other school needs.

What should I do? Oh well, its not a top secret. When I have time to shop, nothing in particular, I shop at thrift stores like in our local dialect - ukay ukay. I guess everybody knows what that means and what I am referring to. Its a second hard store, most clothes are imported from USA, Canada, Australia, Korea and Japan. These are so far the popular origins of the used clothings.

I have several designer brands but unfortunately just hanging and eating dust in my closet. That at times, I just want to give them away but being a thrifty mom like I am - it always draws to - what if? What if?

  • What if I lose weight and then what?

  • What if I cant afford to buy in the coming months?

  • What if there is an event that I need to wear that?

  • what if - yes so many ifs

So for now, let it stay for sometime. we'll see!


  1. nah mao jud mommy tina..tumpak kaau! ana jud ng bae sah?hehehe...apil naku ngadto..pero dili pod lage naku kaau magamit ke school uniform mi pirmi.. hahay.

  2. True! But I've never tried buying from ukay ukay stores before. Yet I go for tsangge instead. hehe..

    I like this blog. Napapa-comment ako sa mga interesting topics kahit padaan daan lang ako. hehe... Followed you on GFC and Networked Blogs. :)

    - Adgitizing :)

  3. I've been very silently following you for the last couple of weeks and I really like this particular post. I love ukay-ukay, there are like five of them around my neighborhood and the most expensive item I ever paid for was this black cocktail dress which I wore to a wedding, it was only 105Php and the piece was even made in Paris.:) Following you through GFC.

  4. ay sus, ngano mang taguan man...suota...i-flaunt gud oi...Anyway, wa pa nako nahuman ug add imo tanan blog Tin...pero nag sugod nako...saon man nagkasakit imo lola haha..pero okay na ko ron hehe


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