Face in the Bags

Still in one of our trip in Seoul, along Insadong is this small shop - a shop full of bags. Whats nice about this brand is that all their bags have a face on it. I guess that what makes their product unique.

My friend really have to pose infront of the shop to remind us that this shop is extra special.

These are the bags displayed infront of the shop. Unfortunately, it was still too early so we werent able to go inside. This is actually near our hotel but after a heavy day at work then, we completely forgot to visit this shop again.


  1. Indeed a unique shop.I like those bags on dispaly specially the one who has a orange color. Anyway have followed hope you do the same.see yah!

  2. shopping is always one of my topmost hobby! yay!!! especially for bags..hehehe..and shoes too!


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