Cool Summer Outfit

Yesterday was the hottest day I experienced. It was so hot and humid that even the aircon in the office cannot sustained too much heat. I have to change the vent directly on me, I knew its bad but I just cant help it. I cant work at the same time sweat all through out my body.

I wore a comfy short and a cotton shirt yesterday and yet it was too bad, too hot. Do you know the temperature yesterday? Oh gosh, its so bad, and whats even worse was that I forgot to put sunblock on my face. It was catastrophic!

I will be going to SM today to buy some really nice cool summer outfit at the same time a hawaiian shirts and shorts for my 2 boys for their dance presentation in school. Yup, they are both enrolled for a dance class and a culinary arts for kids.

I am looking at something like this:

Photo from Internet

And for my darling little princess: something like this. Although she is not part of the class (yup she is 2 years old only) I would probably buy her too just for the fun of it, as long as the price is cheap.

The presentation will be on May 19 so I only have today to buy their stuff.. hawaiian costume... sounds fun to me!


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