Style Guide: Understanding the Dress Code

Women loves dressing up once and a while thus, formal events and special occasions become an instant excuse to spruce up. Nothing can ever dampen your excitement at this chance to dress up and let loose, but one thing that bring confusion to your overjoyed state. Dress codes indicated in that fancy (sometimes scented) invite can easily boogle the mind days before the actual event.

Any party-phile working girl would be reduced to a pile of anxiety over puzzling and unfamiliar dress codes. It sours up excited moods to realize that you actually have no idea what to wear! Proms, weddings, corporate anniversaries and charity events are big events that you must prepare for, but how you can you do so when you can’t even find the perfect outfit? This problem is not just a petty issue that teenage girls go through, women of any age want to look their best during these special occasions. read more