Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants is a movie I have been waiting for. I have been pestering hubby to watch with me and so far I never succeeded plus the fact that we were really busy the past few days not to mention, we are budgetarian now.

But anyway, I’ll probably just wait till this film pops up in my favorite DVD stall. I dare not stay where as .. yes.. you guess it right.. its pirated. Oh no.. I am so cheap! I guess coz its cheap! πŸ™‚

I love Reese dress during the premiere night in NY. She was a sure hit with a white sleeveless from Jason Wu Fall 2011 dress collection paired with gold Christian Louboutin’s sandal. read more

ME Time: Mommy Fashionista

As I was browsing the PMC Facebook page, I saw a new meme hosted by Robert Joseph of Journal of RJ’s Mama for Me Time. Yes ME!!!

I know this is a fashion blog and for sure, if you see me right now, you wouldn’t understand why on earth I am running a fashion blog.. when I am not sexy.. but hey, i am a mommy fashionista.. so that is acceptable to be chubby! lol

Yesterday was ME a time for me. I was able to update my blogs yes – 8 active blogs. Some of the blogs I can only update when I have some task. Too bad for me and my blogs too. I guess in the coming days, I will be able to update more as my work is now on a 4 day schedule. read more

Colorful Nail Art

My manicure and pedicure session just ended. Currently, my nails are in cardinal red color. It looks so clean and kinky. Then, I thought of having nail art one of these days.

These are the colorful nail art photos I got from Mr. Google. I wonder which design suits my nails.

Do you think it fits me? I guess yes! πŸ™‚

Full on Fashion

According to the Urban Dictionary: A fashionista is a term used to define a woman with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends. Others said: a person devoted to fashion clothing, particularly unique or high fashion.

Are you a fashionista? For me, I am a mommy fashionista. I used to be a fashionista 40 kilos ago, that was when I was still single. But hey, just because I gained kilos doesnt mean I should forget about my passion for fashion. read more

Cool Summer Outfit

Yesterday was the hottest day I experienced. It was so hot and humid that even the aircon in the office cannot sustained too much heat. I have to change the vent directly on me, I knew its bad but I just cant help it. I cant work at the same time sweat all through out my body.

I wore a comfy short and a cotton shirt yesterday and yet it was too bad, too hot. Do you know the temperature yesterday? Oh gosh, its so bad, and whats even worse was that I forgot to put sunblock on my face. It was catastrophic! read more