Kiddie Party Invitations

A friend of my friends works on their kiddie party supplies aside from her full time work in the office. She’s really hard working and enjoys making kiddie party invitations during her free time. She has grown her clientele from her small neighborhood and officemates and soon will open a shop in one of the local malls. Because of this expansion, she’s thinking of getting wholesale printers to handle all bulk orders for those invitations. She and her husband are also considering getting some helpers and designers in creating more invitation templates to offer to their clients. From her hobby, she and her husband has made a small business that will help them save money for their children. read more

The Best Costume at Boss’s Party

Our boss celebrated his nth birthday last week. The office still has a hangover of the fun and good times we had that night. It was a grand birthday celebration with an 80’s costume theme. The boss himself chose the theme and said that he’d give a special prize of Yamaha guitars at Musicians Friend for the best in 80’s costume during his party. He also chose the band that will play all the greatest hits of the 80’s such as disco and new wave party music. Everybody placed a lot of effort in creating big hairdo’s and wearing funky psychedelic costumes for the boss’s best costume contest! read more

Fashion Showcase

With more and more people becoming very conscious with what they wear and how they look; the fashion business has grown into one of the most booming industries anywhere in the world. To even promote and make the industry healthy, fashions shows are initiated to showcase the latest fashion trends.

The venue set up for fashion shows are usually a simple stage with extended runway to allow fashion models to display their clothing and fashion accessories. If the stage is most of the time prepared easily, the party place is organized differently. To impress the guests and visitors, aside from the traditional bouquet of flowers on each table, water fountains are also placed in the entrance hall to add class and excitement to the event. read more

Classic Rocker Anniversary Theme

A friend of mine celebrated their office’s 10th anniversary last week. It was different this time and the departments decided to have a theme so that they will have the same look when they attend the grand celebration. There were the usual Red Carpet Theme with ladies wearing gorgeous long gowns and killer shoes while another department copied the rugged and macho look of their boss who always sported the Miami Vice attire of jeans, undershirt and an elegant coat. But the rocker theme from the operations department had the attention of everybody. They completed it up with drumsticks and even a fretless bass guitar!

Krazypix PhotoBooth For Your Party

I recently attended the Pinay Mommies Community (PMC) Second Grand EB at Aling Tonya’s Seafood Restaurant. It was a day filled with laughter! I could still recall the happy and friendly faces of the mommies and kids. We have several major and minor sponsors and one of that is Krazypix, a photobooth courtesy of Iris.

Here is my funky photo taken during the event. While mommies were busy in raffling off prizes from other sponsors, I sneaked out and asked Iris to take a photo of me.

The next time you celebrate your kids birthday or even adults, try to get a photobooth and your guest will come home with happy faces. read more