Must-Try Halloween Make-up

The backdrop for the Halloween is scary yet fun and exciting. In fact, people enjoy decorating their homes with jack-o’-lanterns, floating attractions like bats, and of course, creepy cobwebs. In order to get in synch with the theme, both kiddos and adults don their best attire with matching make-up or masks. If you prefer the make-up, here are some Halloween make-up ideas to try out!

Top #3: Go Wednesday Addams

There is no need to put on bloody red color on your face. All you have to do is wear a black dress with sleeves and white collar. Next thing to do is work on appearing pale as if you are not shined by sunlight. This is possible by dusting your face and hands with white powder. read more

My Beauty MNL Shopping Experience

Online shopping indeed made spending easier. Different brands of products and the necessary information that you need to know, are unveiled right before your eyes. One of these shopping platforms where you can see a myriad of beauty products is Beauty MNL. So what’s more with the site?

The platform itself is user-friendly. You can navigate the site with ease as it appears to be organized. Quality products are categorized by brands and all you have to do is scroll and choose to your hearts desire. Obviously, there are sections that leads to what you are looking such as the sale items and promos. read more

The Best Red Matte Lipstick

When it comes to cosmetics, a red lipstick is the most powerful tool to have around. There is nothing more complete than having a red, bold, matte lip. It easily elevates your outfit, amps up your appeal and make a catchy statement with a single swipe. Some of the most coveted red matte lipstick choices include the Lipstick Queen Vesuvius, Revlon 007, Dior Rogue, L’Oreal Paris, Rimmel, EChannel and MAC Lipstick in Ruby. Depending on your skin tone, eye and hair color, you can find a wide array of red matte lipstick that will set you off on any occasion. read more

Make Up Must Have for Low-Key Girls

Not all girls love wearing full-faced make up, some are self-confessed low-key that simply doesn’t like the full-face make up look. However, there are those special days that even low-maintenance girls would like to look amped up and pretty. If you are one of those girls that prefer the barely-there look, go for sunscreen power, a light eye cream which can double as a concealer for your dark circles, a milky tint for your cheeks and a pink lip stick for that wonderful pop. There make up items that are easy on the skin and will make you feel extra gorgeous on your special days. read more

Best Beauties at the Academy Awards

The Oscars is one of the most sought after event in the showbiz industry. There is a convergence of the most talented, rich and famous celebrities we loved and hated on the big screen. This year is as grand as the previous years but to celebrate women’s month, some of the best beauties are highlighted. The barely there make-up or nude look was preferred by stars like Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence. While smoky eye make-ups were perfectly pulled-off by Penelope Cruz. Cat-eye make-ups are still hot and were noted on the subtle wingers of Lupita Nyong’o and lovely eyes of Olivia Wilde. read more